A note from the RE Program Staff

Dear Parents,

   Once again it is our pleasure to welcome you and your family to the St. Anthony de Padua Religious Education/Faith Formation Catechetical year.


  The year provides many opportunities to gather as community to pass on the richness of our Catholic faith-our experiences, our beliefs, our rituals and our spiritual traditions to our children.


  We have provided this parent/student handbook to acquaint or reacquaint you with policies of the St. Anthony Faith Formation program. It is important for both you and your child to review the appropriate material to help promote an enjoyable catechetical year.


   Along with all the volunteers who assist us weekly throughout the catechetical year, we welcome you and look forward to your presence and participation. We encourage you, as parents, to share your faith stories as a family and discuss with your children what he/she is learning in their weekly sessions.


  May our gracious God shower your family with an abundance of happiness and renewed faith.  May the work that we do bring Him honor, glory, and praise.


                                            Sonya Sanchez 

Coordinator of Religious Education Programs